Property name Description
Bitmaps The bitmaps of the items of the toolbar
CanDeselect Enables/disables deselection of an item
CanSelect Enables/disables selection of an item
ColumnSpan The column span of an item (based on the columns property of the toolbar)
DisabledBitmaps The bitmaps of the items of the toolbar in disabled state
Enabled Enables/disables an item
FocusedControl The control which needs to be focused when the popup is shown after clicking an item, this can be the first control in the PopupControl or any other control that requires focus when first displayed
Hint A hint displayed on each item
Margins The margins of an item relative to its position and the width and height of an item
PopupControl The popup control, displayed when clicking an item
PopupHeight The height of the popup when PopupMode is set to ipmCustom
PopupMode The mode of the popup, which can be to match the control width or height (depending on the orientation), the size of the PopupControl itself or a custom size (PopupWidth and PopupHeight properties)
PopupOrientation The orientation of the popup relative to the toolbar item
PopupWidth The width of the popup when PopupMode is set to ipmCustom
RowSpan The row span of an item (based on the rows property of the toolbar)
Separator Configures an item to be displayed as aseparator. A separator is non-interactable and displays a thin line based on the SeparatorStroke under appearance
SeparatorHeight The height of the separator
Visible Shows or hides an item

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