Property name Description
AntiAliasing Turn AntiAliasing on or off, to improve quality or speed. By default AntiAliasing is true
AutoScroll Automatically scrolls to the selected block when the selected block is moved outside the visual area of the TTMSFNCBloxControl
Blox A list of blox, used to add newly created blox to the TTMSFNCBloxControl
DefaultUnit The default measuring unit which is applied to the rulers and snap grid. Values are duMili, duCenti and duInch
Fill The background fill of the TTMSFNCBloxControl
Interaction Interaction properties to determine the way the TTMSFNCBloxControl responds to keyboard mouse and touch actions
LeftRuler/TopRuler The Left and Top ruler properties
Presenter The presenter is used for programmatic access to the blocks and blox control.
SnapGrid The settings for the snap grid, used to insert blocks, move and rotate them according to specific measuring and snapping coordinates
Stroke The background stroke of the TTMSFNCBloxControl
Zoom The overall zoom of the TTMSFNCBloxControl