LeftRuler and TopRuler

Property name Description
AutoFactor When the Blox is zoomed in or out, the ruler automatically changes its step. For example, when the zoom is 100%, the step is 1 centimeter (when MeasureUnit property is set to unCenti). If the zoom increases, the Blox can automatically change the step to 0.5 centimeter or even less. This happens when AutoFactor property is true. You can disable this behaviour by setting AutoFactor to false. In this case, the step and divisions remain the same, regardless of the zoom factor
BorderColor Specifies the color of the border of the ruler
Color The background color of the ruler.
Divisions Use Divisions property to specify how many divisions will be drawn between one ruler value and next. The Divisions property affects the double of minor ticks drawn in ruler
Font The font used when drawing the ruler numbers
FontColor Specifies the color of the font of the tickmarks
Inverse Specifies whether the ruler must be drawn from left to right, top to bottom or vice versa
MajorTickLength Specifies the length of the major tick mark
MeasureUnit Specifies the unit of the ruler in millimeters, centimeters or inches
MinorTickLength Specifies the length of the minor tick mark
Offset Specifies the ruler offset in pixels. If Offset is positive, the ruler will be moved left (starting at a point higher than the zero)
Size Specifies the height (for top ruler) or width (for left ruler) of the ruler. Size has a minimum value, depending on the chosen font
TickColor Specifies the color of the tickmarks
Visible Specifies if the ruler and snap grid lines are visible or not.
Zoom Specifies if the ruler zoom factor

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