Property name Description
CanMoveOutOfBounds Sets a property to force blocks withing the boundaries of the TTMSFNCBloxControl when moving or inserting the blocks
KeyActions Actions that can be executed via the keyboard such as Escape, Move, Page, Resize, Select, Delete
ReadOnly Completely disables interaction with the TTMSFNCBloxControl
SelectionMode Use SelectionMode property to determine how the selection will behave in the Blox. Default value is slmMultiple.

slmMultiple: In multiple selection, each object is displayed selected individually. A selecion rectangle is displayed for each object, and also its handles are displayed individually.

slmGroup: In multiple selection, all selected objects are displayed as a group, and handles are displayed only for the group. It's a more Visio-like approach
TouchElementHandling Enables or disables touch handling such as panning and zooming on mobile devices.
Zooming Enables or disables zooming via mouse, keyboard or touch.

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