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The TMSFMXNativeUIViewPopOverController class lets you present your view controller as a popover view.

Published Properties

Property name Description
Color The color of the view controller.
Tilte The title of the view controller.

Public Methods

Method name Description
GetParentView: UIView Retrieves the parent view of the sheet controller.
ShowFromControl(AControl: TTMSFMXNativeUIBaseControl) Shows the popver view from a control.
ShowFromButton(AButton: UIBarButtonItem) Shows the popover view from a UIBarButtonItem.
ShowFromRect(ARect: TRectF) Shows the popver view from a rectangle on the parent view.
ShowFromRect(ARect: TRectF; AView: UIView) Shows the popver view from a rectangle on the selected view.
Hide(AAnimated: Boolean) Hide the sheet view.