Property name Description
AutoCapitalizationType This property determines at what times the Shift key is automatically pressed, thereby making the typed character a capital letter. The default value for this property is actTextAutocapitalizationTypeSentences.
AutoCorrectionType This property determines whether auto-correction is enabled or disabled during typing.
SpellCheckingType This property determines whether spell-checking is enabled or disabled during typing. With spell-checking enabled, the text object generates red underlines for all misspelled words.
EnablesReturnKeyAutomatically A Boolean value indicating whether the return key is automatically enabled when text is entered by the users
KeyBoardAppearance The appearance style of the keyboard that is associated with the TextView.
KeyBoardType The keyboard style associated with the TextView.
ReturnKeyType The contents of the “return” key.
SecureTextEntry Identifies whether the TextView should hide the text being entered.

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