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A TMSFMXNativeUITextField object is a control that displays editable text and sends an action message to a target object when the user presses the return Button. You typically use this class to gather small amounts of text from the user and perform some immediate action, such as a search operation, based on that text.


Event name Description
OnChanged Event called when the text of the TextField has changed.
OnDidBeginEditing Event called when editing did begin.
OnDidChangeSelection Event called when selection of the text did change.
OnDidEndEditing Event called when editing did end.
OnShouldBeginEditing Event called when editing should begin.
OnShouldChangeTextInRange Event called when a specified text in range should be changed. The TextView calls this event whenever the user types a new character or deletes an existing character. Implementation of this method is optional. You can use this method to replace text before it is committed to the TextView storage. For example, a spell checker might use this method to replace a misspelled word with the correct spelling.
OnShouldClear Event called if the current text should be cleared.
OnShouldEndEditing Event called when editing should end.