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A TMSFMXNativeUIStepper control provides a user interface for incrementing or decrementing a value. A stepper displays two Buttons, one with a minus () symbol and one with a plus (+) symbol.

Published Properties

Property name Description
AutoRepeat If true, the user pressing and holding on the stepper repeatedly alters value.
Continuous If true, value change events are sent immediately when the value changes during user interaction. If false, a value change event is sent when user interaction ends.
MaximumValue The highest possible numeric value for the Stepper.
MinimumValue The lowest possible numeric value for the Stepper.
StepValue The step, or increment, value for the Stepper.
Value The value of the Stepper.
Visible Shows / hides the Stepper.
Wraps If true, incrementing beyond maximumValue sets value to minimumValue; likewise, decrementing below minimumValue sets value to maximumValue. If false, the Stepper does not increment beyond maximumValue nor does it decrement below minimumValue but rather holds at those values.

Public Properties

Property name Description
Stepper Returns a reference to the native iOS UIStepper.


Property name Description
OnValueChanged Event called when the value of the stepper has changed.