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The TMSFMXNativeSpeechCommand is the collection item used in TMSFMXNativeSpeechCommandRecognition.

Configure your command

The text will be converted to a regular expression internally. You can use three different special characters to get more out of your command:

  • With the asterisk you can indicate that you want to retrieve the rest of the text as a parameter e.g. Get me *things.
  • With the colon you can retrieve one word as a parameter e.g. :Do for me.
  • With the brackets you can add it as a possible part of the text e.g. Hello (there) phone.

Published Properties

Property name Description
Name Id of the command.
Text The text to check for.
IsRegex Set to true if the text is already a regular expression.
StartsWithText The partial result should start with the text.
EndsWithText The partial result should end with the text.

Published Events

Events name Description
OnCommand Event called when the text is detected in the transcription.

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