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This component can be used separately or in combination with a TMSFMXNativeUIRichTextView component. The toolbar comes with a number of predefined actions for clipboard or changing attributes of rich text. This is represented as buttons on the toolbar. By default, all possible actions are visible on the toolbar but the Options property allows to customize this and hide specific actions. Set under Options the correct value to false to hide a specific action.When the TMSFMXNativeUIRichTextViewToolBar is connected to a TMSFMXNativeUIRichTextView (via assigning a TMSFMXNativeUIRichTextView to the TMSFMXNativeUIRichTextViewToolBar.RichTextView property), clicking on a toolbar action button will perform the clipboard action or apply the attribute value automatically to the selected text in the TMSFMXNativeUIRichTextView.

When no TMSFMXNativeUIRichTextView is connected to the TMSFMXNativeUIRichTextViewToolBar, the triggered event for the action can be used to programmatically apply the appropriate attribute.