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The TMSFMXNativeUIPopoverController class is used to manage the presentation of content in a popover. You use popovers to present information temporarily but in a way that does not take over the entire screen like a modal view does. The popover content is layered on top of your existing content in a special type of window. The popover remains visible until the user taps outside of the popover window or you explicitly dismiss it. Popover controllers are for use exclusively on iPad devices. Attempting to create an instance of the TMSFMXNativeUIPopoverController on devices other than an iPad results in an exception.

Published Properties

Property name Description
View View of the PopOver used to display content from another TMS FMX Native UI Control in a popup.

Public Properties

Property name Description
PopOver Returns a reference to the native iOS UIPopoverController.


Property name Description
ShowFromButton(AButton: UIBarButtonItem) Shows the popup from a ToolBar button. (iPad only)
ShowFromControl(AControl: TTMSFMXNativeUIBaseControl) Shows the popup from a TMS FMX Native UI Control placed on the form. (iPad only)
ShowFromRect(ARect: TRectF) Shows the popup from a specific rectangle in the main view. (iPad only)
ShowFromRectInView(ARect: TRectF; AView: UIView) Shows the popup from a specific rectangle in a specific view. (iPad only)