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A page view controller lets the user navigate between pages of content, where each page is managed by its own view controller. Navigation can be controlled by the user using gestures. When navigating from page to page, the page view controller uses the transition that you specify to animate the change.

Published Properties

Property name Description
NavigationDirection The direction of navigation when using scrolling transition style.
NavigationOrientation The orientation of navigation when using scrolling transition style.
PageControl Displays a page control to indicate the number of pages and the current page index when using scrolling transition style.
Pages A collection of pages connected to a View of type TTMSFMXNativeUIViewController.
PageSpacing The spacing between pages.
SpineLocation The location of the spine when using page curl transition style.
TransitionStyle The style of the transition. The values are scrolling or page curl transition style.
Visible Shows / hides the View.

Public Properties

Property name Description
PageViewController Returns a reference to the native iOS UIPageViewController.

Public Events

Property name Description
OnCustomizeViewForPage Event called to customize the ViewController instance that is returned for a specific page.

Published Events

Property name Description
OnGetNumberOfPages Event to return the number of pages in a PageViewController.
OnGetViewForPage Event to return the view for a specific page.