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A document interaction controller provides in-app support for managing user interactions with files in the local system. For example, an email program might use this class to allow the user to preview attachments and open them in other apps. Use this component to present an appropriate user interface for previewing, opening, copying, or printing a specified file.


The TTMSFMXNativeUIDocumentInteractionController consists of a series of show and hide methods to display either an option or a preview menu. Some show methods can be used in combination with other controls such as another TTMSFMXNativeUIBaseControl descendant or a UIBarButtonItem from a ToolBar.


Properties name Description
File The file to display in the open, options, or preview menu.
FileUTI The UTI for the file to specify additional information. (automatically extracted from the file by default)
FileName The name for the file. (automatically extracted from the file by default)