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An instance of TMSFMXNativeUIButton shows a native iOS Button on the screen.

Published Properties

Property name Description
Action Property to assign an action combined with an action list.
Alignment The technique to use for aligning the text.
Bitmap Property used to show a bitmap on the Button.
Color The background color of the`Button.
Enabled Enables or disables interaction with the Button.
LineBreakMode The technique to use for wrapping and truncating the Button’s text.
Style The style of the Button. The Button style can be set to one of the following values:bsButtonTypeCustom, bsButtonTypeRoundedRect (Default), bsButtonTypeDetailDisclosure, bsButtonTypeInfoLight, bsButtonTypeInfoDark, bsButtonTypeContactAdd
TextColor The color of the text of the Button.
TintColor The color of the text of the Button.
Visible Shows or hides the Button.

Public Properties

Property name Description
Button Returns a reference to the native iOS UIButton.


Event name Description
OnClick Event called when clicking on the Button.