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With TMSFMXNativeSpeechCommandRecognition you can transcribe captured audio and recordings to written text.

Public Properties

Property name Description
PermissionStatus Indicates if the speech recognition is authorized, after the RecognitionPermissionRequest method.
SupportedLocales List of the different language settings that are supported on the device.

Public Methods

Methods name Description
FinishRequest Finishes the request to transcribe an audio file.
RecognitionPermissionRequest Asks the first time for the user’s permission to perform speech recognition using Apple’s servers.
StopRecording Stops the recording via the microphone.
TranscribeFromMicrophone Starts the recording of the microphone and transcribes the input.

Published Events

Events name Description
OnPermissionResult Event called when the permission request is handled.
OnTranscribeMicrophoneResult Event called when a transcription is ready of microphone recording.
OnTranscribeError Event called when an error is thrown.
OnTranscribeMicrophoneStarted Event called when a transcription of a microphone recording is started.
OnTranscribePause Event called when a pause is detected in the microphone recording.