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The TMSFMXNativeMPMoviePlayerViewController is deprecated, please use the TMSFMXNativeAVPlayerViewController


The TTMSFMXNativeMPMoviePlayerViewController class implements a simple view controller for displaying movies.

Published Properties

Property name Description
AllowsAirPlay Property to determine if the current movie can be shown on airplay enabled devices or not.
ControlStyle The style of the controls (previous, next, pause, play, stop, …) depending on the view (embedded, fullscreen, …).
EndPlaybackTime The end time (measured in seconds) for playback of the movie.
FullScreen Toggles between normal / embedded and fullscreen mode. -1 by default which means the movie end time is used.
InitialPlaybackTime The initial time (measure in seconds) for plackback of the movie. -1 by default which means the movie initial time is used.
Location The location of the movie if the movie is a local file.
RepeatMode Sets the repeat mode to none or one repeat.
ScalingMode Sets the scaling mode of the movie to none, fill, aspect fill or aspect fit.
ShouldAutoplay Property that determines whether the movie should automatically start playing.
ShowInView Property that shows the movie inside the view rectangle, if false, use the public show method which displays the movie fullscreen as a separate view.
SourceType The source type of the video, if known, the source type can be set to be a local movie file or a stream.
URL The URL of the movie if the movie is an online movie.

Public Properties

Property name Description
MoviePlayerViewController Returns a reference to the native iOS MPMoviePlayerViewController.

Public Methods

Methods name Description
AirPlayVideoActive: Boolean; Returns whether the airplay video is active or not.
Duration: Double; The duration of the movie.
Hide Hide the movie if ShowInView is false.
NaturalSize: TSizeF; The natural size of the current movie being played.
Pause Pause the movie.
Play Play the movie.
PlayableDuration: Double; The playable duration of the movie. The amount of time in seconds of the already loaded content of the movie.
Playbackstate The state of the movie, necessary to know if the video is able to be played.
ReadyForDisplay: Boolean; Returns a Boolean if the movie is ready to be displayed.
Show Show the movie fullscreen if ShowInView is false
Stop Stop the movie.

Published Events

Event name Description
OnDidEnterFullScreen Event called when the movie is in fullscreen mode.
OnDidExitFullScreen Event called when the movie is in normal / embedded mode.
OnPlaybackDidFinish Event called when the movie stopped playing.
OnWillEnterFullScreen Event called when the movie will enter fullscreen mode.
OnWillExitFullScreen Event called when the movie will enter normal / embedded mode.