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The TMSFMXNativeBarCodeScanner component is a component that inherits from TMSFMXNativeCameraViewController and also has a popup version. The bar code scanner will automatically scan for the supported codes that are stored inside the SupportedCodes property. The supported codes are: UPCE, Code39, Code39Mod43, EAN13, EAN8, Code93, Code128, PDF417, QR, Aztec, Interleaved2of5, ITF14, DataMatrix. By default all codes are supported, but the SupportedCodes property set can be configured to only allow a set of codes. If a code is dectected, the OnCaptureCode event is triggered and the TMSFMXNativeBarCodeScanner is automatically stopped. This is to prevent that multiple codes are scanned and processed. After each succesful capture, the TMSFMXNativeBarCodeScanner needs to be restarted. This can be done with TMSFMXNativeBarCodeScanner1.Start. The popup version automatically starts and stops scanning, and also automatically closes when a bar code has been detected.