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TMS XData Documentation

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TMS XData is a Delphi framework that allows you to create HTTP/HTTPS servers that expose data through REST/JSON. It is highly integrated into TMS Aurelius in a way that creating XData services based on applications with existing Aurelius mappings are just a matter of a few lines of code. XData defines URL conventions for adressing resources, and it specifies the JSON format of message payloads. It is heavily based on the OData standard. Such conventions, with the benefit of existing Aurelius mapping, allow building a full REST/JSON server with minimum writing of code. TMS XData uses TMS Sparkle as its core communication library.


TMS XData product page:

TMS Software site:

PDF version of this documentation:


Documentation Topics





oWhat's New

oCopyright Notice

oGetting Support

oBreaking Changes

Getting Started

oCreating the Server Using the XData Server Wizards

oCreating the Server Using Design-Time Components

oCreating the Server Manually

Service Operations

oXData Service Wizard

oService Operations Overview

oCreating Service Contract

oService Implementation

oServer Memory Management


TMS Aurelius CRUD Endpoints

oOverview of Aurelius CRUD Endpoints

oAurelius Equivalence to Entity Model

oEntity Sets Permissions

oURL Conventions

Resource Path

Query Options

Built-in Functions

Literals in URI

Custom Functions

oRequesting Data

Querying Collections

Requesting Associated Entities

Requesting Individual Properties

Requesting Streams (Blobs)

HTTP Request Headers

Requesting Single Entities

oData Modification

Create an Entity

Update an Entity

Delete an Entity

Managing Streams (Blobs)


oInvoking Service Operations

oClient Memory Management

oWorking With CRUD Endpoints

Requesting a Single Entity

Requesting an Entity List

Creating Entities

Updating Entities

Removing Entities

oClient and Multi-Model

oAuthentication Settings

oIgnoring Unknown Properties

JSON Format

oEntity and Object Representation

Property Values

Object References

Annotation "xdata.type"

Representing Associated Objects

Blob Representation

Including or Excluding Properties

Customizing JSON Serialization

oCollection of Objects

oIndividual Properties

oError Response

oCanonical Id

Design-Time Components

oTXDataServer Component

oTXDataConnectionPool Component

XData Model

oEntity Model Concepts

oUsing TXDataModelBuilder

oMultiple servers and models

Other Tasks

oCreating XData Server


oIDBConnectionPool Interface

oIDBConnectionFactory Interface

oOpenAPI/Swagger Support

oUsing XML Documentation with Swagger

Server-Side Events

oUsing Events

oOnEntityGet Event

oOnEntityList Event

oOnEntityInserting Event

oOnEntityInserted Event

oOnEntityModifying Event

oOnEntityModified Event

oOnEntityDeleting Event

oOnEntityDeleted Event

oOnModuleException Event

oAuthentication Example using JSON Web Token (JWT)

Web Applications with TMS Web Core

oSetting Up the Connection with TXDataWebConnection

oUsing TXDataWebClient

oUsing TXDataWebDataset

oSolving Errors

oXData Web Application Wizard

oExtra Resources