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TMS Data Modeler Documentation

Version 3.9.1 (Jan-2021)

Fixed: Firebird 3.0 database importer was incorrectly importing some system domains.


Fixed: Singularization of word "Status" was wrong in TMS Aurelius export;


Fixed: TMS Aurelius exporter suffixes identifiers that are reserved words with "_" character. But it was not working in some situations, now all is correct.



Version 3.8 (Nov-2020)

New: "Export Image"  button allows exporting the whole diagram to an image file.


Fixed: Could not import SQL Server databases with dot (.) in their names.



Version 3.7 (Oct-2020)

Improved: Project check for SQL Server now warns user if there are two or more primary keys in the project with the same name.


Improved: Project/version comparer now allows user to copy the current diff script to clipboard.


Fixed: Access Violation when opening a project in a computer with a default printer that has more than 256 paper sizes defined.



Version 3.6 (Sep-2020)

Fixed: SQLite import was failing when types like "NUMERIC(10 , 4)" had a space before the comma in the original SQL.


Version 3.5 (Aug-2020)

New: PostgreSQL connection settings now offers the option to choose the database schema to import structure from.


Version 3.4 (Jul-2020)

New: IsStatic boolean property in TCodeMemberMethod, TCodeMemberField and TCodeMemberProperty objects allow creating static (class) methods, fields and procedures using customization script.


Version 3.3.9 (Jun-2020)

Fixed: SQLite import was failing when -- comments were preceded by parenthesis


Version 3.3.8 (May-2020)

Fixed: SQLite import was failing when -- comments were preceded by comma

Fixed: SQLite import was failing when field identifiers had non-Latin characters

Fixed: SQLite trigger procedures were being generated in a single line

Fixed: SQLite import sometimes was incorrectly importing the referenced field in a relationship


Version 3.3.7 (Apr-2020)

Fixed: Error "column reference 'oid' is ambiguous" when importing PostgreSQL 12 databases.


Version 3.3.6 (Sep-2019)

Improved: Added support for XMLType data atype in Oracle.


Version 3.3.5 (Aug-2019)

Fixed: Before generating DROP COLUMN statements in SQL Server, it's now generating DROP CONSTRAINT statements associated to the column.

Fixed: "More colors..." option was not working for fill and text color of diagram objects.


Version 3.3.4 (Aug-2019)

Improved: Added support for range types in PostgreSQL (daterange, int4range, etc.)


Version 3.3.3 (Jul-2019)

Fixed: Firebird 3 did not include data type "Numeric (Identity)"


Version 3.3.2 (Jan-2019)

New: PostgreSQL 11 support, avoiding the error "p.proisagg does not exist. perhaps you meant to reference the column p.prolang"


Version 3.3.1 (Jan-2019)

Improved: Arguments for OnClassGenerated event now includes references to Table and Sequence attribute. Used in the example Adding Schema Name to Table Attribute.

Fixed: Performing project checking in ElevateDB projects now reports wrong field size for char/binary fields with size higher than 1024.



Version 3.3 (Dec-2018)


New: "Scripting" button in Tools tab in ribbon, opens a full scripting IDE for low-level and advanced manipulation of the existing data dictionary.



Version 3.2.6 (Nov-2018)

Improved: List of tables in the Generate Script dialog is now sorted.

Fixed: Fields in primary keys were being nullable when using nullable domains. It broke backward compatibility, fields in primary keys should always be not null.

Fixed: PostgreSQL database importer was not correctly retrieving foreign keys with same name in different tables.


Version 3.2.5 (Nov-2018)

Improved: There is now a check box "Specific" for the "Not null" field. When the field has a domain associated to it, this new check box allows explicitly control if the NOT NULL flag should come from domain or you would want to ignore the domain setting and use a specific value for the field.


Version 3.2.4 (Nov-2018)

Fixed: Foreign keys with multiple fields (relationships with composite keys) not being correctly imported from Oracle databases.


Version 3.2.3 (Oct-2018)

Fixed: Null/NotNull checkbox was disabled for fields associated with logical domains.

Fixed: Project window maximizing automatically in some situations.


Version 3.2.2 (Oct-2018)

Fixed: SQL Server ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN statement was not including constraint name for default values.


Version 3.2.1 (Sep-2018)

Fixed: Firebird behavior with domains: size, not null and constraint was not being retrieved from domain.



Version 3.2 (Sep-2018)


New: Support for Interbase 2017.


Fixed: Error when importing MySQL 8 databases (Table 'mysql.proc' doesn't exist)


Fixed: Firebird/Interbase connection was not working in some situations.



Version 3.1.2 (Jul-2018)


Fixed: Data Modeler version information in VCL Subscription Manager showing incorrect after automatic update.



Version 3.1.1 (Jul-2018)


Fixed: SQLite database import was wrongly considering SQLite "TEXT" datatype as a (char) blob. Now it's considered as regular string (VARCHAR).


Fixed: Importing SQLite tables with field names starting with number was raising error.



Version 3.1 (May-2018)


New: Database metadata objects available in customization script events. One usage example is adding ForeignKey attribute to associations to force Aurelius create FK using the existing database foreign key (relationship) name.



Version 3.0.3 (May-2018)


Fixed: Connecting to MS SQL Server LocalDB was raising an error "SQL Server does not exist or access is denied"



Version 3.0.2 (Mar-2018)


Fixed: Exporting descriptions with single quotes to Aurelius classes was generating invalid Pascal code. The single quotes are now duplicated to form valid Pascal strings.



Version 3.0.1 (Nov-2017)


New: OnUnitGenerated event in TMS Aurelius Export customization script.


Improved: Table list in Mappings Tab of TMS Aurelius Export Dialog is now sorted in alphabetical order.


Improved: Added OID type for PostgreSQL databases.


Fixed: When adding a property in a customization script, if property type was empty the generated code was adding a colon after property name: "property Name: ;"



Version 3.0 (Oct-2017)


New: Customization scripts in TMS Aurelius export. You can now customize the source code generated by TMS Aurelius export feature using a customization script that be be written in the Script Tab of export dialog. This adds lots of flexibility for you to add specific attributes, fine tune the generated code, and even add new fields, properties and methods to the classes.


New: Option to export TMS Aurelius classes to several different units. You now have the option to specify the name of the unit in which a class will be created, allowing you to better organize your classes into several units. If there is a cyclical reference between units, Data Modeler will warn you in advance giving you the chance to fix the issues.


New: Model names in TMS Aurelius export. Now you have an option to specify the models where an export class will belong to. This will create [Model] attributes in the class. The model names can also be automatically set based on the existing diagrams in the project (each diagram is considered to be a model).


New: Source code preview in Aurelius export. In the Aurelius export dialog, you can new preview the source code of the unit(s) that will be created. It makes it easier to change settings and see how they affect final source code without needing to generate the actual files in directory.


New: Modern User Interface. Ribbon user interface was updated to a new color theme and some ribbon elements were updated. The look and feel is now closer to Office 2017 style and provides a more modern and refreshing feeling. Splash screen has also been updated.


Improved: Documentation has received a significant review. Contains now more detailed and organized topics, especially on TMS Aurelius export. The look and feel has also been improved in both CHM and PDF formats. A new online help is now available for browsing.


Fixed: Checkboxes for defining specific default and check constraint were not being enabled correctly.


Fixed: "Access Violation" error when clicking Exit or double click menu button.



Version 2.8.1 (Dec-2016)

- Fixed: SQL Server primary key constraint ignoring field order (asc/desc)


Version 2.8 (Dec-2016)

- Improved: Installers for trial and registered versions now signed to minimize Windows warnings and false antivirus alerts

- Improved: Register entities option checked by default (Aurelius Export)

- Improved: AllButRemove is default option for association cascade type (Aurelius Export)

- Fixed: Data Modeler not appearing as "installed" in TMS Subscription Manager


Version 2.7 (Nov-2016)

- New: Support for Firebird 3 database


Version 2.6.1 (Oct-2016)

- Fixed: When generating Aurelius classes, constructor implementation is now calling inherited constructor.


Version 2.6 (Jun-2016)

- Improved: PostgreSQL support for data types JSON and JSONB


Version 2.5.1 (Nov-2015)

- Fixed: Firebird database importer was failing with DOMAIN_NULL_FLAG error


Version 2.5 (Jan-2016)

- New: Option to explicitly define the type of the field/property when exporting model to Aurelius classes


Version 2.4.10 (Nov-2015)

- Fixed: Firebird stored procedures now being created with header only to avoid errors with procedure dependencies

- Fixed: Firebird CREATE DOMAIN statement incorrectly generated when using CHECK constraints

- Fixed: Visual glitch when displaying comments in stored procedure editor


Version 2.4.9 (Nov-2015)

- Improved: Firebird configuration allows providing the CHARSET for the connection. Default is UTF8.


Version 2.4.8 (Aug-2015)

- Fixed: PostgreSQL TIMESTAMP fields were wrongly being exported to Aurelius as Double properties, instead of TDateTime.


Version 2.4.7 (Aug-2015)

- Improved: When exporting memo fields to Aurelius classes, a [DBTypeMemo] attribute is added for better Aurelius handling of memo types


Version 2.4.6 (Jul-2015)

- Fixed: Text block not displaying text in workflow instance if text was edited directly in the block (not using editor)

- New: MySQL script for workflow tables


Version 2.4.5 (May-2015)

- Improved: Aurelius Export Tool now supports composite keys in inheritance relationships


Version 2.4.4 (Apr-2015)

- Improved: CascadeTypeAll included as a cascade option for Associations when exporting to Aurelius


Version 2.4.3 (Apr-2015)

- Fixed: Import of SQLite databases with field names using different characters like "&" or "."

- Fixed: Import ot SQLite databases with default value using identifiers


Version 2.4.2 (Nov-2014)

- New: Aurelius export includes an option register all entities using RegisterEntity procedure (to avoid linker to remove unused classes)

- New: Firebird connection dialog includes "Vendor Lib" option allowing specify driver (for example, gds32.dll as alternative to fbclient.dll)


Version 2.4.1 (Oct-2014)

- Fixed: Firebird import now retrieves descriptions using correct character set


Version 2.4 (Sep-2014)

- New: PostgreSQL 9 support

- Fixed: Indexes marked as "Unique Key" not being generate as exclusive indexes (Indexes marked as "Exclusive" were working correctly) (2.3.3 - Aug/2014)

- Improved: Aurelius classes exported sorted by name (2.3.2 - Jul/2014)

- Fixed: Aurelius classes exported in wrong order in some complex inheritance hierarchy (2.3.2 - Jul/2014)

- Fixed: wrong Inheritance attribute value when exporting to Aurelius classes (2.3.1 - Jun/2014)


Version 2.3 (Feb-2014)

- New: Advanced connection options for ElevateDB databases

- New: Zoom tab in ribbon makes it easier to define diagram zoom, zoom to 100% or zoom to fit all

- New: Export to Aurelius allows defining cascade types for associations

- Improved: Trigger editor now expands to the whole window area making it easier to write trigger code

- Fixed: Several errors reported by automatic error report (mostly Access Violations in some specific situations)


Version 2.2 (May-2013)

- New: Diagram navigator allows overview of entire diagram and easy navigation/zooming using navigation cursor

- Improved: Automatic selection of last used connection when importing database structure

- Fixed: Timestamp fields correctly imported from Oracle databases

- Fixed: MySQL reverse engineering was not correctly importing multi-column foreign keys

- Fixed: Oracle reverse engineering was retrieving wrong size for NVarchar2 fields

- Fixed: ElevateDB reverse engineering was retriving foreign keys incorrectly when composed of more than one field

- Fixed: Import SQLite tables with /*..*/ comments in DDL command

- Fixed: Rare AV when generating Aurelius classes unit


Version 2.1 (Feb-2013)

- New: Support for ElevateDB Unicode Server (in addition to existing support to ANSI servers)

- Improved: ElevateDB server name configuration can accept both IP address and host name

- Improved: Support for Windows 8 (2.0.2)

- Improved: Connection settings in NexusDB reverse engineering now displays available servers automatically (2.0.1)

- Fixed: Incorrect NexusDB reverse engineering when connecting to 3.10 and 3.11 databases using internal server (2.0.1)


Version 2.0 (Feb-2013)

- New: TMS Aurelius Export: option to define Sequence attribute for each entity class

- New: "Duplicate table" feature available in diagram toolbar button and popup menu in table list

- New: Find toolbar button makes easy to find a table in diagram by name

- New: Licensing tool which provides a much better, easier way to register Data Modeler

- Improved: Better error message when exporting to Aurelius source code fails due to file system error

- Improved: Id properties exported to TMS Aurelius are now read-write instead of read-only.

- Note: 1.9.1 version was released at the same time as 2.0 version, including several other improvements and all bugs fixed since version 1.9.


Version 1.9.1 (Feb-2013)

- New: option to display relationship description/caption in diagram

- New: support for TGuid properties and Guid/Uuid generators in Aurelius export

- Improved: SQLite reverse engineering sets a default size for varchar and decimal data types, when not specified

- Improved: better detection of Firebird/Interbase database server version

- Improved: Clearer message when updating Data Modeler to avoid confusion with Windows/Data Modeler restart

- Improved: Firebird now differentiates unique indexes from unique constraints

- Improved: Better error message when trying to use unsupported versions of MySQL server

- Fixed: issues with SQLite reverse engineering (incorrect SQL parsing)

- Fixed: Access Violation in Aurelius source code generator (automatic report)

- Fixed: When adding new trigger, syntax was incorrect for Firebird database

- Fixed: Uncommon error when importing Firebird databases (RDB$DESCRIPTION column unknown)

- Fixed: Aurelius source generator now generates Int64 properties for database fields of type BIGINT and equivalents

- Fixed: Aurelius exporting foreign key fields that were part of primary key was incorrect when the property name was being changed manually by the user

- Fixed: Multi-line descriptions now handled correctly when exporting to Aurelius classes

- Fixed: Script viewer window now being presented correctly in multi-monitor desktops

- Fixed: Wrong Alter Table statement in Firebird databases (add non-nullable column)

- Fixed: Importing SQLite databases with spaces in table Name

- Fixed: All reproduceable automatic error reports up to release date


Version 1.9 (May-2012)

- New: Support for SQLite 3.7 databases

- New: Option for specifying dynamic properties in class when exporting to TMS Aurelius

- New: Aurelius export now has an option to singularize table names (convert plural table names into singular class names)

- Improved: Project check now checks if fields in a relationship have the same size, besides being of same type

- Improved: Hint for recent files in menu makes it easier to see full file name

- Improved: Better saving of form position and state (maximized/minimized)

- Fixed: issue with ribbon menu when windows is set to use big-sized fonts

- Fixed: Parent and child fields in relationship could have different data types in some cases (varchar with different sizes)

- Fixed: duplicated drop constraints in sql server when both default value and constraint default name were changed

- Fixed: internal issue with having duplicated id's for objects

- Fixed: MySQL drop index and drop foreign key statements had incorrect syntax

- Fixed: double data types were being imported incorrectly in MySQL

- Fixed: 0000748 [SQL Script] Check creation order of objects in SQL Script (firebird)

- Fixed: 0001084 [Comparer] Firebird-Merge Function-Stored Procedure-No input parameters generate a header with an integer type but no variable name

- Fixed: 0001083 [Comparer] Firebird - Using Merge Function - Stored Procedure scripts Terminator missing

- Fixed: Automatic reports 0001187, 0001162, 0001238


Version 1.8 (Jan-2012)

- 0001145: New: Export classes to TMS Aurelius framework.

- 0001158: [Interface] New window to find a table in diagram using Ctrl+F.

- 0001152: [Interface] New: "Find field..." option to search for fields in field grid in table editor. Can also use Ctrl+Shift+F.

- 0001151: [Interface] New: "Find in Diagram" popup menu option in table list makes it easy to find a table in the diagram.

- 0001149: [Reverse engineering] New: Import field descriptions from SQL Server.

- 0001159: [Interface] Automatically selects a child field when creating a new relationship if same field name and type as parent.

- 0001146: [Interface] New: New diagram popup menu options "All Keys and Indexes" in diagram context menu.

- 0001156: [Interface] Diagram popup menu option to create relationship using selected table

- 0001150: [Interface] Fixed: Dragging a table to a scrolled or zoomed diagram puts the table at wrong position.

- 0001148: [Interface] Improved: Deleting a field causes grid flickering and scrolling.

- 0001147: [Interface] Improved: Put close button on tabs.

- Other bug fixes. Tracker items: 0001142, 0001044, 0001087, 0001119, 0001109, 0001160, 0001161


Version 1.7.1 (Feb-2011)

- 0000902: Object comments imported from Firebird databases in reverse engineering.

- 0000903: Script generation and comparison for object comments (Firebird).

- Other minor bug fixes and small improvements. Tracker items: 0000505, 0000506, 0001031, 0001033, 0001034, 0001042.


Version 1.7 (Dec-2010)

- 0000871: Included support for ElevateDB.

- Bug fixes. Tracker items: 0000945, 0000956.


Version 1.6 (Nov-2010)

- 0000923: Included support for Microsoft SQL Azure.

- 0000954: [Reverse engineering] Database server version check before perform reverse engineering.

- 0000933: Fixed: [Interface] Window state not restored when main form is maximized.

- Other minor bug fixes. Tracker items: 0000886, 0000895, 0000910.


Version 1.5.1 (Oct-2010)

- 0000392: [Interface] Persistence of size and position of windows.

- 0000402: [Interface] New keyboard shortcuts and context options on interface.

- 0000414: [Project checking] Option to update the version files after saving a project as a different name.

- 0000489: [Interface] New option "Select all" in diagram context menu.

- 0000680: [Interface] New option "Close all except this" in tabs context menu.

- 0000681: [Interface] New option to set text colour on notes.

- 0000852: [Interface] Improved resizing of controls in table editor.

- 0000857: [Reverse engineering] Issues in reverse engineering from MySQL databases.

- 0000828: [SQL Script] Issue with expression of check constraints retrieved from Firebird databases.

- 0000823: [Reverse engineering] Issue importing UTF8 defined fields from Firebird databases.

- 0000746: [SQL Script] Fixed use of NULL/NOT NULL constraints in SQL script for computed columns (SQL Server).

- 0000602: [Interface] Fixed not null option in child field created automatically for a non-identifying relationship.

- 0000601: [Interface] Issues with suggestion of fields in Child Table when creating a relationship.

- 0000569: [Interface] Issues with editing of check constraint fields.

- 0000482: [Interface] Issues with editing of domain fields.

- Other bug fixes and small improvements. Tracker items: 0000243, 0000559, 0000563, 0000649, 0000656, 0000729, 0000735, 0000785, 0000792, 0000798, 0000802, 0000807, 0000817, 0000841, 0000854.


Version 1.5 (Aug-2010)

- 0000694: [SQL Script] Support for MySQL 5.1 databases.

- 0000734: [Interface] Option for inserting any object in popup menu of the explorer.


Version (Mar-2010)

- 0000702: [Internal] Error loading project file (reading TGDAODiagram.DiagramString).


Version 1.4 (Mar-2010)

- 0000693: [SQL Script] Support to Oracle 10g databases.

- 0000650: [Reverse engineering] Allow "Server:Port" syntax in NexusDB server name connection.

- Other bug fixes and small improvements. Tracker items: 0000696, 0000688, 0000659, 0000658, 0000664, 0000667, 0000668, 0000686, 0000687.


Version 1.3.1 (Aug-2009)

- 0000648: [Interface] Use default tray icon balloon hint for update notification. Allow update notification for trial versions.

- 0000647: [Interface] Allow setting font name, size and shape color for diagram blocks.

- 0000645: [SQL Script] Invalid column name in alter script.

- Other bug fixes and small improvements. Tracker items: 0000644, 0000604.


Version 1.3 (Jul-2009)

- 0000622: [SQL Script] Support for NexusDB database.

- Other bug fixes and small improvements. Tracker items: 0000626, 0000636, 0000623, 0000552, 0000617, 0000608.


Version 1.2 (Jun-2009)

- 0000613: [SQL Script] Support for SQL Server 2008.

- 0000615: [Interface] Allow setting paper size, orientation and measurement units for diagram printing.

- 0000614: [Reverse engineering] Char size and domain issues with SQL Server 2000 reverse engineering.

- Other bug fixes and small improvements. Tracker items: 0000609, 0000600, 0000606, 0000605, 0000597, 0000598, 0000534, 0000492.


Version 1.1 (May-2009)

- 0000405: [Internal] Support for Absolute Database.

- 0000589: [Interface] Diagram Print Preview feature included.

- Other bug fixes and small improvements. Tracker items: 0000577, 0000580.


Version 1.0 (Apr-2009)

- First official 1.0 release.