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TMS Data Modeler Documentation

This event is fired whenever a table column is processed and becomes a class field and property of a primitive type, and Column attribute is added to the class field. Should be declared as following:


procedure OnColumnGenerated(Args: TColumnGeneratedArgs);


Type TColumnGeneratedArgs and has the following properties:





Prop: TCodeMemberProperty

The public property of type TList<T>.

Field: TCodeMemberField

The private field of type Proxy<TList<T>>.

CodeUnit: TCodeUnit

The Pascal unit where this class is declared.

CodeType: TCodeTypeDeclaration

The type declaration of the class containing the property/field

Getter: TCodeMemberMethod

The private getter method used as the reader of the public property.

AssociationAttr: TCodeAttributeDeclaration

The [Association] custom attribute added to the private field.

ConstructorMethod: TCodeMemberConstructor

The constructor Create method of the class, used to add the TList<T>.Create statement that instantiates the list object.

DestructorMethod: TCodeMemberDestructor

The destructor Destroy method of the class, used to add the TList<T>.Destroy statement that destroys the list object.

DBField: TGDAOField

Metadata for the table column in database.