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Generating Database Creation Scripts

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TMS Data Modeler's database generation tool allows you to plan and design your database in a single project, creating a script that generates your database automatically. You may also create impact scripts to update a database that has already been created before, by comparing versions or projects.


To generate a database creation script


1. Select Generate script on the Project tab on the Home ribbon or press F9.


2. The Script generation dialog will open with the following information:


Show the script: selecting this option will allow you to edit any further details by opening a dialog with the script after clicking Generate.

Save script to file: selecting this option will allow to choose the file path and file name and save it for later use without opening it after clicking Generate .

Workspace: an item tree where you can check the desired items to be deployed. You may check one or more objects.


3. On the Tables tab, all project tables are listed by name. All tables are selected by default. You may choose which tables will be created through the script.


4. After selecting all desired items and tables, click Generate. The tab Process will appear, listing all steps of the script generation.