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TAureliusModelEvents Component

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An alternative, more RAD way to use events is the TAureliusModelEvents component. Just drop the component in the form and double click the desired event in the object inspector to create an event handler.


The events available are exactly the same ones that you can set from code, like OnInserting, OnSqlExecuting, etc. See all the available events in this chapter.


Key properties




property ModelName: string

The name(s) of the model(s) to be used by the manager. You can leave it blank, if you do it will use the default model. Two or more model names should be separated by comma. From the model names it will get the property TMappingExplorer component that will be passed to the TDatabaseManager constructor to create the instance that will be encapsulated.


Note the events are "cumulative", the same way you do it from code. It means that if you add two or more TAureliusModelEvents in your application and set an event handler for the same event in all of them, all the handlers will be fired. That's very convenient to event handler code that is specific to each context in your app.